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Home Care

Transitioning from hospital to home is a stressful and crucial experience for patients and their families. Our team of qualified professionals collaborates with patients’ healthcare providers for comprehensive discharge planning to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.



ART Rehab Center is committed to make your hospital discharge a safe, smooth and serene experience through;

Engagement: Discharge planning is a collaborative effort that requires the timely engagement of patients, caregivers, families and healthcare professionals to guarantee a successful and comfortable transition.

Communication: Clear and comprehensive communication is vital to ensure that everyone involved is fully aware of the patients’ needs and healthcare dynamics.

Anticipation: Anticipation of any barriers or obstacles during the transition, and a solid contingency plan to deal with unexpected situations ensures reliability and accountability.

Review: Frequently reviewing process planning is essential to effectively serve patients transitioning from hospital to home.

Our Discharge Services

Transportation: We arrange transportation services upon discharge from hospital.

Assistive Devices: We arrange for assistive devices within 24 hours of patient discharge.

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